Onwards and upwards….

Two months ago I went to a get a mammogram on a breast lump…within twenty minutes, using my Greys Anatomy acquired medical education, I was pretty sure I had breast cancer. Within two hours I had received a biopsy, blood test , CT scan. All of those things involved me being rushed through. I had prime position. Even I knew enough to know the prime position is not a great thing to have at this point. That was a Tuesday… our 15 year anniversary.

A whole bunch of stuff happened between then and now. Lots of appointments , talking, researching, emailing…. tears, breakdowns, laughs, drinks, plans….. and so so much more. . Now , two weeks after turning 41 I’m here with metastatic breast cancer with mets in my lymph nodes and lungs…..according to my doctors I am incurable but manageable ……..according to me I just need to cure myself. Not exactly what I thought I’d be dealing with in 2020 but this year is turning out fairly differently for most of us.

Over the last eight weeks I have posted about it all. Both on my instagram and facebook so you can go back to the beginning. Being able to deal with this creatively …. through writing, photography, creating a blog to house everything….. helps keeps my head straight. It means I can keep track of treatments, diagnosis and life in general.

So fast forward to last Friday, May 29. After two months of taking Tamoxifen and Zoladex , using a variety of natural therapies, praying, meditating, sitting in hot saunas and swimming in cold pools and enough blood tests to make me look like I had an active recreational drug problem my cancer has shrunk. Ever so slightly but it has shrunk. All tumours are showing a reduction in size.

Happy is an understatement.

Stoked is a better word.

I feel like I have a head start now. A chance to get out in front of it…….

Since I started working with Doterra I have heard the phrase ‘onward and upward’ a million times. People always said it when the month didn’t work out as planned, when rank didn’t happen and classes worked out differently. I didn’t really get what it meant. Now I do. I get that I had a minute to breathe, now it’s time to get on with it, keep moving, keep out in front. Onward and upward.

There is a new medication protocol….. letrazole and then in two weeks I start another medication which is a tablet chemotherapy. I will try that for a couple of months and see how my body reacts. My oncologist is really supportive of me keeping tip with all the natural therapies I’m doing so they will all stay. I will change up a few things, that I will detail in another post. Once I see how I react to the meds as I’ll probably need to increase my strength training and do a few other thing! Then we jut see how it goes.

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