Why Doterra ?

I originally joined Doterra as a customer. I didn’t attend a class or meet anyone. I joined because of what I had researched and found out about the company and it’s products. I spent a few months looking into all of the oils, supplements and skin care. I watched interviews and videos with the founders and management team of Doterra. I looked into people I knew and people I had just heard about that were using these products. It all came down to this….

Doterra are EXACTLY who they say there are …. the products do EXACTLY what they are meant too. Everything is done with the upmost ethics.

Doterra was founded in 2008 with a commitment to creating solid patterns of giving and service., There are no outside investors, the founders personally funded the start up and own 100% of the company – even over ten years later. They took second mortgages, scaled back and worked without pay, walked when they couldn’t afford petrol….. all to own their own work and make their own choices. doTERRA is now the worlds largest essential oil company in the world and it is debt free. This is a great introduction to one of doTERRAs founders, Emily Wright.

doTERRA is all about family, not just the one you make but the one you choose, it is also about empowerment. Mums, babies, twenty somethings, older people, men, women…everyone is welcome. Everyone is supported . You can not come into contact with doTERRA and not be positively affected by the strength, joy end empowerment that they share. I know that I could not have even faced my business or my current cancer journey without the tools that doTERRA has given me.

doTERRa oils are the highest quality oils on the market. You get what you pay for and with doTERRA you get the best. You can check the validity of each and every oil by going to Source to You a website that shows you all the detailed information on sourcing, quality and testing of our oils……worldwide.

I could write pages on the ethical sustainability of Doterra , how from beginning to end the farmers, communities that create the oils are supported , the people that bottle and send out the oils are supported then the advocates (like me) that sell the products are supported. You just need to type Doterra into you tube and you will see so many life changing examples of what this company does.

I have always believed in the greater good. Doterra is the that and so much more.

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