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Just breathe, Breathe through it . Breathe…. it’ll all be ok. Easy words to say and occasionally, easy words to follow. Until they’re not.

When I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in March 2020 the biggest area of concern was the cancer that had metastised to my lungs. The scans showed over 40 small cancers in each lung. At one stage I asked the oncologist what would happen if I just walked away ….. he said eventually I would drown in my own fluid . That the cancer was so spread out it would cover my lungs and inhibit my breathing causing me to suffocate.

I have never wanted to breathe more.

A week before all this cancer stuff I had just completed a breath work course – yes the irony is not lost on me. I have spent years going to the beach and breathing in the smell of the ocean on a warm night whilst my kids played in sand. Walking for hours on the sand in the freezing cold to breath in the salty air that comes in your noes and wakes up every cell in your body .

Breathe through it….

Since then I have had a few times when I have been short of breath and it terrifies me. It’s probably my greatest source of anxiety. With that though comes my greatest drive. I’m incredibly lucky that my oncologist chose a line of treatment ( letrazole, palblociclib) that has helped my body put those lung metastasis to sleep. I use a lot of natural health products and exercises to support my body and my lungs. I never take any breath for granted because its bloody amazing!!

Just a little rundown of what I’m currently using for my lung health;

I always use a few drops of lemon eucalyptus in the shower.

Move (even when you’re slow like me!) move and breathe.

A salt inhaler (I use a Nirvana one).

Laugh… laugh until your face hurts and you need to pee.

I do cold water Wim Hof style breath work.

Most importantly …. if you can…..get to the ocean , get your toes wet and breathe it all in.

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